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Iz Fromearth / Isabelle Therrien

I am a visual artist born and raised in the Eastern Township of Quebec. I have been living on the West Coast for the past 8 years where I realized my inspiration for life and Art. Having studied Info-graphics in Quebec it gave me the foundation I needed to venture out and pursue a style that fits with me as a Visual Artist. Within the many facets of Artistic creations I have come to love the use of Fractal Patterns and Sacred Geometry which portrays how I view the world. I love to create images which enhance the different level of vibrations in our natural world as well as showing the interconnectedness of everything around us as Living Beings. My creations allow you to enter into a world of mystery and wonder which in-turn allows me to create without barriers. Most of the Original works that I have done are with the use of Acrylic Paint with the exception of prints which are digitalized. Art is a form of inner expression and the work that is done shows you a picture of who I am.

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Where to Buy my Creations?

Here's all the links to online stores where you can find my Art!

NEW: Fanny Pack

For Clothing, Accessories, device cases, stickers, cards, wall Art, home decor, books, pillow cases, bags, gifts...

RedBubble Boutique:

Art of Where Boutique (Montreal):

Threadless Boutique (USA):

For Gift wraps, fabric, tapestry


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What a inspiring place to do Art! #beach


Leonardo da Vinci

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.”

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Saint-Adrien, Québec J0A 1C0

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